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Birth BBiBirth Preparation

Help prevent Birth Trauma


Best for more experienced Pelvic Health Physiotherapist (APA level 2+ or equivalent). This course is for anyone wanting to help prevent birth trauma - both physical and mental.


Learning Outcomes: ​


- Anatomy related to labour, stages of labour and the cardinal movement’s of a baby.

- Different starting positions of babies and the research behind whether this is relevant.

- Prepare the pelvic floor for birth - research and clinical experience including Transperineal RTUS measures, the Epino and Perineal Massage

- How to explain that labour is painful ,what contractions are and what they can tell you about labour.

- Latest research behind intervention such as the cascade of interventions, induction, epidural, instruments, and CB.

- Birth positions, and how to manipulate them.

- Pain management strategies including TENS, massage, acupressure, heat, water, morphine, gas, epidural and distraction techniques.


Date: Friday August 2nd 2024.  8am to 3pm on ZOOM

COST = $440 +GST NOTE: This includes a 2 hour practical workshop for those who can attend in Sydney - see details below.


Learning outcomes:

- Assess the whole body externally (and see why this links to the pelvic floor)

- Understand when to assess and when to release the pelvic floor in pregnant women (and when not to)

- GH+PB at rest and on BD

- Assess and rate the bearing down and learn how to cue it to improve it

- Release work and perineal massage

- Learn how to teach distraction techniques.

- Watch transperineal RTUS assessment and biofeedback for push technique. It is assumed that you will volunteer to be a patient as a part of this workshop, as it includes VE's.

NOTE: If you cannot attend the practical face to face then there is a livestream options PLUS pre-recorded videos of all the practical skills. 

Date: Sunday 11th of August 2024.  8.30-10.30am

Location: Anaria.  331 Port Hacking Rd, Miranda


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