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Membership to the Community

Connect, Learn, and Thrive in Our Pelvic Health Community


Advancing Pelvic Health Together

Everyone is welcome. 

Welcome to our Pelvic Health Community, a vibrant network of Pelvic Health Physiotherapists. 

We have all sorts of backgrounds and levels of experience.  Most are within Australia, but there are a growing number of members from countries such as the UK, across Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. 

Some members have no experience, some are just starting out, and some have years and years of clinical experience.  

No matter what training you have received thus far, whether it be through University, through professional bodies like the APA streams, through external courses, or even just learning on the job, you are welcome.  Everyone is welcome. 

Monthly Live Inservices

Expertise Through Continuous Learning

These are on zoom, usually on a Wednesday at 12pm-1pm AEST (Sydney Time).  

They are on a range of topics aiming to elevate our knowledge.  They are recorded, and all past inservices live inside the platform for on-demand viewing. 

Examples of past inservices include: Taryn Hallam on the first 6/12 post partum. Fiona Rogers on neuromodulation, Lori Forner on Transperineal RTUS,  Birth Preparation - when to assess and when to release.  Complex SUI using case examples.  

2023 line up remains: 

  • 11th of December

    • The Portfolio Pathway with Tamara Rowan (head of Australian College of Physiotherapists) and Priya Rodrigues (Exemptions officer)

2024 line up includes: 

  • 7th of Februrary 

    • Michelle Lyons on Honing in on Hormones. 

  • 6th of March

    • Natalie McConochie on Pessary Troubleshooting

  • 10th of April 

    • Christine Rafe on Debunking Desire (for our pelvic pain patients)

  • 8th of May

    • Mandy Rocher on​ the Digital Rectal Exam

  • 5th of June

    • Jeremy Daniher (Connect Therapist) alongside Tamara Woods on Connecting the Whole Body to the Pelvic Floor using case examples

  • 3rd of July

    • Nicole Frost on EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) and Hypermobility. ​

  • 7th of August 

    • Dr Dean Conrad on Pelvic Floor Surgery and Urodynamics​

  • 4th of September

    • Hypopressives and the Pelvic floor. ​

  • 16th of October

    • High intensity exercise in Pregnancy.  Is there a limit?​

  • 6th of November

    • Members choice - TBA​

  • 11th of December

    • Members choice - TBA​


"Knock on Door" clinical support

Live Q+A's, 24/7 live feed, ability to ask questions anonymously. 

We love our options for clinical support, for those who need it. 

These come in the form of:

  • Fortnightly Q+A's where you bring your case questions and we troubleshoot them together.  These are recorded for future viewing.  And, people come just to listen as they are great Professional Development tools.

  • If you miss the Q+A or if you wish to ask your question anonymously, you just send them in before hand and we answer them live

  • 24/7 live feed where you can ask your question any time and it will be answered within 24 hours.  

Weekly uploaded Microlearning 

Videos, quizzes, interactive questions. 

These micro learning videos are designed to allow on demand information.  We have all had the situation where a patient is sitting in front of you and you realise you are unsure of how to help them as you need more information. These micro learning options are deigned to give you that information quickly and concisely, and therefore save you time researching.  


They are of course also great professional development in their own right.



There are currently over 100 micro learning videos in the platform.  Some examples you can see below. .  on zoom, usually on a Wednesday at 12pm-1pm AEST (Sydney Time).


They are well organised for easy viewing.


"Already learning so much and loing being a part of the program.  Cannot wait for the rest of the year"

A look inside the PHC
menstrual ccyle
SUI explained
Bladder Diary and a Cheat Sheet

Join our Pelvic Health Community

Designed to help lift each other up. Because together, we really are better.

  • By becoming a member, you'll be equipped with the tools and support you need to enhance your practice.

  • Access to a wealth of resources, and the opportunity to connect with colleagues to share ideas and insights.


Membership Plan


or $599 yearly 

  What you will get:​


  • Monthly live in-services 

  • Fortnightly live Q+A's 

  • Ability to ask clinical questions 24/7 via the feed in the platform

  • Weekly uploaded micro learning videos on a range of topics + quizzes + interactive questions. 

  • Chat with colleagues via DM’s and share ideas

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