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Professional Development and "Knock on Door" Clinical Support for Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

Join Our Supportive Community of Pelvic Health Physiotherapists. Together, we truely are better.


Tamara Woods 

Tamara Woods is a Pelvic Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist 

With her expertise in pelvic health and her genuine commitment to empowering women, Tamara has become a trusted figure in the field.


Having experienced the transformative power of mentorship firsthand (as she had a fanatic mentor of her own from early in her career), she is committed to sharing her knowledge.  She also credits those who she has taught in more recent years as supporting her own  growth and learning. 

It is the recognition that reciprocal learning is what works best, that started The Pelvic Health Community in the first place.  From humble roots it has now grown into a supportive community with the primary aim of joining forces to support more women collectively.

Alongside the education portion of her business she is lucky enough to continue to work clinically at two well known gynaecological and obstetric clinics in Sydney .


Join our community of pelvic health physiotherapists. Designed to help lift each other up. Because together, we really can better help women.

Membership to the Community

What you will get:

  • Monthly live and interactive in-services to elevate your knowledge.  These are recorded to be watched anytime. 

  • Fortnightly live Q+A's for clinical support.  Plus the ability to send in clinical questions before hand so they are answered anonymously.  These are recorded to be watched anytime. 

  • Ability to ask clinical questions 24/7 via the feed in the platform

  • Weekly uploaded micro learning videos on a range of topics + quizzes + interactive questions. 

  • Chat with colleagues via DM’s and share ideas



What we do is meet you where you are at, and elevate you to where you need to be.

We are your clinical support. This is best for those pelvic health physiotherapists with a clinical case load. It can be done on both zoom or face to face or a mixture of both

Choose between 6 month, 9 month, 12 months or casual options.

All come with constant email access for troubleshooting and Membership to the Community. 


Courses and workshops


Birth Preparation Course

This course is for anyone wanting to help prevent birth trauma - both physical and mental.

Learn about the stages of labour, birth positions, assessment and treatment of pelvic floor, up to date research on intervention and what it means, and much more.  

Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 9.50.42 am.png

Transperineal  RTUS workshop

Transperineal RTUS - learn and practice how to use transperineal RTUS. 

This can be very helpful to identify urethral hypermobility, to help for birth preparation, to allow better understanding of pessary fit and more.

Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 9.48.38 am.png

Pessary and POPQ Workshop

Practice your POPQ assessment and practice a pessary of your choice.

Join Our Supportive Community
of Pelvic Health Physiotherapists.
Together we truely are better.

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