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PageTrTra Transperineal RTUS

The future of Pelvic Health. 


This workshop is for those pelvic health physiotherapists with a degree of experinence already (APA level 2 /equivalent or higher).  


Transperineal RTUS is an amazing tool and gives you information beyond what you can deduce from internal examination alone.  We use it for birth preparation (pushing technique), lifting advice, SUI differential diagnosis, POP assessment, pessary placement and more. 


Learning Outcomes:

-Ultrasound set up, cleaning, tips and tricks 

-Supine and standing assessments 

-Use of measurements such as bladder neck descent, anorectal angle, levator plate angle, and more. 


You will be given a series of videos to watch prior to the workshop so that you can ge the most out of it. 

NOTE:  in attending it is assumed that you will volunteer to be a subject to practice on. 




Current dates: 

Sunday 20th of August at 3-5pm in Woolooware, Sydney.  FULL

Sunday the 15th of October 11am -1pm in Miranda Sydney. FULL

Sunday the 15th of October 1.30pm-3.30pm in Miranda Sydney. 


Cost = $220 +GST ($242 including GST)


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