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Pessary and POPQ Workshop

Hone your pessary skills with this 2 hour workshop


Perfect for those who are more experienced (APA level 2+).  Pre-requesite to fit a pessary is currently either WHTA POP/SUI course or Uni SA - Certificate of Management of POP.  


Learning Outcomes: 

- Practice assessing using the POPQ system.  This will include all points.  GH, PB, TVL, C, D Ba, Aa, Bp, Ba.   It will also of course involve clinical reasoning in regards to fascial defects and the interplay of pelvic floor fascia and pelvic floor muscles.  

-  Pessary practice and trouble shooting.  Each participant will get the choice of one pessary of their choice to practice.  The pessaries practiced will depend on the skill level of those attending.  This could include rings, cubes, dishes, gellhorns, rings with knob and donuts.  Participants may also get the chance to practice one or two more pessaries that have been chosen by other participants if time allows.

- Practice using a speculum


You will understandably have to be a subject in order to participate in this practical.  

You will also be sent 3 videos to watch before hand, to make sure we are all on the same page.  


Date: Now offered on an individual / small group basis.  Please use the link below to register your interest. 

Location:  Sydney (Miranda or Hurstville)


Price: $220 +GST for 1 hour, if more than 1 in a group then $220 each but for 2 hours. 


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